Finding the Right Crawl Space Company

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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You just looked at your crawl space for the first time in a while, and you’re horrified with what you found. You stared into a dark, drafty area with moisture leaking in and knew you had to do something. Obviously, the people who built the crawl space didn’t do a good, long-lasting job. How can you find a company that can? Here are some tips on finding the right crawl space company in North Shore or another area.

Ask Around

Ask your friends and family if any of them have ever used a crawl space company. They’re the ones who are the most likely to be honest, so they’re your best source. Since you know them well, you can also see their crawl space in person to see how the job is holding up.

Look Online

Online reviews and critiques of a business are a good way to see which ones are best. With the anonymity of the online space, people are more honest than they might be in other capacitates. Online reviews also offer the chance for photographs, which can help you see with your own eyes the quality of work the company does.


When you find a few potential companies, ask if they have any references you can contact. The older the job, the better. You want to know how their work is going to hold up over time because you don’t want to pay for another fix in a few years.

Customer Service and Mission

When you talk to a company, pay attention to how they’re treating you. Are they honest, open, and up front? Do they care about your concerns? You want a company honest and dedicated to the quality of the work. Stay away from companies that advertise a cheap price, because their focus is often on the dollar. The best companies are the ones dedicated to long-lasting work and customer satisfaction.

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