How to Prepare for New Window Installation in Voorhees Township

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Construction and Maintenance

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New windows are on the way. Now what? Check out these tips for preparing for new window installation in Voorhees Township.

Clear the Area Around the Windows

Homeowners need to prepare a clutter-free space for the window installers to do their jobs. Here’s a quick checklist of items that should be removed:

  • Curtains and blinds
  • Any furniture that’s in the way
  • Area rugs or any other potential tripping hazards
  • Wall art, photos, and other wall hangings around the windows
  • Anything blocking the area outside the windows

Put Down Drop Cloths

Before window installation begins, ask the installer what should be covered in the house. The process of installing windows gets messy, and there’s usually a lot of dust. Homeowners don’t want this dust to damage their furniture, carpeting, hardwood flooring, or valuable items.

Rent a Portable Storage Unit

Some homeowners choose to rent portable storage units to store their belongings during window installation. If only one or two windows are being replaced, storage rental might not be necessary. However, if all the windows are being replaced and there isn’t sufficient space to store large furniture pieces, wall hangings, or other household items that might be in the way, a portable storage unit is a cost-effective option.

Plan to Be Around for the Installation

Homeowners must be present during window installation. If there’s an issue that comes up during the job, the installers need the homeowners to be around to answer questions and approve changes.

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