Colorado Is Adopting a Popular Construction Method That Benefits Everyone

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Construction and Maintenance

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Design build construction delivery in Colorado is the fastest growing and most popular way to achieve a construction project and is a much quicker process that often follows different protocols than traditional projects.

With traditional construction projects, the owner will have two contracts. The first contract is with the designer, and the second contract is with the actual contractor. These two separate contracts may create an adversarial relationship between the contractor and the designer.

For example, if something goes wrong or if there is an unforeseen circumstance that requires a significant change, the contractor and the designer may blame each other for the cost overruns or any scheduling delays. This could potentially lead to legal disputes, which delay the project even further and make the project more costly.

However, with a design build project delivery, the owner only works with a single entity, with one contract and one point of responsibility/contact. This means that the designer and contractor work as a team from the beginning and are able to create a unified project plan. Recommendations are given so that they align with the scheduling needs and the budget assigned to the project.

If changes are needed, they should be addressed by the entire team so that problem-solving becomes a collaborative concept that relies on innovation as opposed to blame-shifting and excuses.

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