Experienced Roof Inspection Service in Waukesha WI

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Roofing Contractors

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There are many roofing contractors that offer free roof inspections to new customers as a way to generate leads and introduce their services. That is fine, but it sometimes means a quick look and a sales pitch, which is not particularly helpful to homeowners. An experienced Roof Inspection Service in Waukesha WI will provide a lot of information, give a homeowner an opportunity to know the condition of the roof, and facilitate a discussion of options. The roof may be in excellent condition, and an annual or semi-annual maintenance program may be the only recommendation.

Regular inspections and maintenance of the roof are the best thing a homeowner can invest in for the protection and longevity of the roof itself, as well as the home. The roof is essential for protection against the elements, wildlife, and the natural decay that comes from excess moisture. The roof and the gutter system protect the entire house, including the siding, the windows, the structure, and the foundation. A small leak that is undetected, for example, can ruin insulation, promote mold growth, and begin to rot the support beams of the structure.

If Roof Inspection Service in Waukesha WI does reveal a problem or issue, an experienced roofing contractor, such as Waukesha Roofing Inc., for example, can explain the situation, and provide a few options for correcting it. A few missing shingles can be easily replaced without much cost if that is the extent of the problem. If it is something a bit more serious, options may include a major repair or a replacement. A contractor will be able to help the homeowner understand the costs and benefits of each recommended solution. A major repair may be able to restore the roof and allow it to last another five years, or it may just temporarily fix the problem, which would lead to further repairs in a short period of time.

It is possible a replacement may be more cost-effective, depending on the age, style, and condition of the current roof. If the roof is older, a new one, that is more energy-efficient, may actually save the homeowner more money on utility costs than the total cost of the replacement. Whatever the situation may be, knowing about it is always better than being surprised when half the roof caves in or the gutters collapse. Click here for more details.

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