Exploring Options for Roofing in Nassau County, NY

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Roofing

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Residents of Nassau County routinely experience rapid changes in weather conditions, and many weather-related issues threaten their homes’ roofs. That’s why professional roofing contractors in the area recommend routine inspections, maintenance and, when necessary, replacements. Since every roof will, eventually, require replacing, what options to area homeowners have? There are several factors homeowners should consider when a new roof is needed.

Styles Vary

Because home styles vary, so do the roofing materials customarily used on those homes. That’s why homeowners are encouraged to explore the different options available before making any decisions. Yes, style is important, but there are different roofing products designed to match the many home styles commonly used in Nassau County. From basic composition shingles to slate, roofing experts will work closely with clients to make sure style-appropriate options are considered.

Will a Tear Off Be Required?

While some roofing professionals always prefer homeowners tear off the old roofing material prior to installing the new one, there are situations where doing so adds costs to the project without providing many benefits. However, if the old roofing materials are in very poor shape, it may be wise to consider removing the old roofing product. That’s simply because, if the old roof exhibits a great deal of damage, underlying components may also be damaged. If the contractor suspects underlying components may be compromised, it’s likely they’ll recommend tearing off the old roofing components and replacing them with new materials. Ask the roofing contractor why either of the approaches may or may not work in a specific situation.

Price is Always a Factor

Roofing in Nassau County NY is never inexpensive, but some options are less costly than others. Entry-level, three-tab shingles are still commonly used in the region, as they provide a new roof at a relatively modest cost. However, entry-level shingles don’t tend to last as long as premium shingles and may require more maintenance. High-quality designer shingles may cost more initially, but their total cost of ownership over their lifespan is often lower than less-expensive options. Other options, like metal, cedar, and even slate, are also available, but the initial costs of those products are always higher.

For any Roofing in Nassau County NY needs, it pays to contact a professional for advice. With the right advice, area homeowners can have a great roof at a reasonable price. For more information, Contact North Shore Roofing & Siding Corp. today.

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