Extend The Life Of A Home And Increase The Value With A Metal Roof Installation

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Roofing

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One of the many items a homeowner dreads to replace is a roof. The truth is, a Metal Roof Installation for new construction or existing roofs can outlast any asphalt roof. It will also increase the value of a home. It will make potential buyers very interested in purchasing the home in the future knowing they don’t have to replace the roof anytime in the near future. Metal roofing supplies a much more energy efficient system for a home for both heating and cooling. The UV protection on metal roofing helps to deflect these rays and keep a home much cooler during the summer months.

During the winter months, the metal roof works with the circulation of the house to release the moisture but permit adequate ventilation without extensive loss of heat that comes from an asphalt shingle roof. A Metal Roof Installation can usually be installed over an existing roof. The boards and trusses will have to be inspected by a competent roofing company. If any trusses are weak, or roofing boards have wood rot, they need to be replaced before the metal roof can be installed over the existing roof.

Another great benefit of metal roofing is it can be recycled. Unlike asphalt shingles that must be placed in a landfill, the metal can be recycled and used again for another product. This helps to serve the environment with an eco-friendly product. Metal roofing can lower insurance rates because it is fire resistant. It can also withstand much higher winds without damage occurring like an asphalt shingle can suffer. Metal roofing can last from 40-70 years on a home without needing to be replaced. This would cover the majority of an owner’s lifetime in a home after purchase. Metal roofs require little to no maintenance. There won’t be shingles to replace that blow off during storms and much less of a chance of water leakage under damaged shingles.

This interlocking roofing system is ideal for new homes that the homeowners plan to live in for many years. If a homeowner is concerned about repairs and maintenance during retirement years, this roofing system can also benefit them tremendously. Chadwell Construction LLC has the experience and knowledge to install a custom metal roof for any style of home and can offer roofing solutions that fit an owner’s needs.

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