Slate Roofing in Harrisburg PA Lasts a Very Long Time

Asphalt shingles are still very much in use as a roofing material today. These shingles are very economical, last a long enough time, at 20 years, and they’re available in many colors. They were invented in America and first used in America in the early 1900s. They replaced wood roofs because they deterred fires and were deemed a much safer roofing material. There’s a lot of history behind this humble shingle. Think of the country and all the people who moved to the Midwest and far west, and the homes, and roofs, they needed. The Pennsylvania oil well had a lot to do with the growth of asphalt shingles since asphalt is a product of the oil.

Today, roofing companies make use of many other materials that homeowners request to give their home a modern and attractive curb appeal. Many metals, tile, or slate shingles last 50 years or more, and deter insect growth while also offering excellent insulation to the homes. The metal roofs work well in a hailstorm, are actually very quiet during a rain storm and can be painted a different color later on, so it looks as though a new roof was installed. The better the roofing material, the longer it’s going to last. More insulation means less energy usage. This means money will be saved by each home or business owner on utility bills. Log onto website to view the past projects they’ve completed and the services they and other companies like them provide when offering Slate Roofing in Harrisburg PA.

Not only do companies in the area install Slate Roofing in Harrisburg PA, but they also install sheet metal roofs, single ply, along with the well known, asphalt shingles. They also complete huge commercial projects requiring cranes, professional roofers, and contractors to complete their work while very high off the ground. Interested clients can ask one of the companies in Harrisburg for a no obligation, and no cost estimate, of what their company will charge to install their new roof, soffit and fascia, replacement windows, siding or membrane roofing.

Companies specializing in Slate Roofing in Harrisburg PA, and surrounding areas, are very highly recommended by businesses and homeowners. They work with pavers, install skylights, replacement roofing and the ever popular green roof. Call one of the companies today or fill out the online free estimate form. Visit website for more details about the roofing services including slate roofing in Harrisburg, PA.

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