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Useful and Attractive Cabinetry in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s a meeting place for family and friends to enjoy meals, discuss their days, sit together at the table, and just mingle with each other. It’s also one of the most used rooms, holding many of our necessary items in a variety of spaces. This includes all of our tableware, mixing bowls and utensils, cookware, countertop appliances, as well as our food. Kitchen Cabinets for Pittsburgh homes can be simple or elaborate, depending on the design ideas of the homeowner. When you want a touch of luxury in your home, custom cabinetry can help bring that to the house quickly and easily.

A Place for Everything

Unlike the other rooms in your home, the kitchen can be designed with numerous cabinets, and none of it will look overdone. Finding a place for everything is important when you want a feeling of organization. Wall-mounted cabinets along the wall can hold the less used items, such as table settings for special holidays. Mid height cabinets can hold dishes more commonly used, as well as spices and other herbs. Units that include drawers are common for utensils, knives, serving spoons, pot holders, and similar objects. They can also hold fruit and vegetable peelers, skewers, corn holders, meat thermometers and other odds and ends. Lower cabinets at floor level are common for much larger cooking pots, such as those used for pasta or lobster. You may also opt to keep some appliances stored here, including bread makers, ice cream makers and more which are not used as often.

Unlimited Design Potential

Like countertops, standard and specialty cabinetry can come in a wealth of materials, each offering its own unique depth of color. Hardwoods are common, and can work for all types of interior decor whether it’s rustic or modern or anything in between. Glass front doors are usually accented by frosted or etched glass or wooden lattice work, adding a touch of country class to the area. With today’s modern views on industrial chic styles, stainless steel is making a comeback in a wide range of ways including sinks, counters, and even cabinets. If you can’t decide on the right way to take your kitchen remodel, Contact Business Name for information and guidance. They have the experience and professional team needed to help you decide on the best elements to add to your home.

Considering new kitchen cabinets in Pittsburgh? Whether your home is large or small, Patete Kitchens & Bath Design Center can help you create the perfect space!

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