Get quality roof repair in Oshkosh WI and eliminate those damaging roofing leaks

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Roofing Repairs

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A small leak in a roof can result in hundreds of dollars in repair costs, and this is only if the property owner is lucky enough to catch the issue before it gets out of control. A surprising number of roofing failures are never even noticed and part of the reason for this is no one inspecting the roof. This is a serious task that needs to be done frequently, even if it is handled by the home or business owner. A quick visual inspection for water marks or damaged roofing could save a lot of future expenses. Of course, the owner will need to take steps such as roof repair in Oshkosh WI to eliminate any issues.

The roof repair category contains a large array of smaller functions such as sealing around roofing details or replacing damaged shingles. However, it can also include removing the old roofing and replacing it with something more durable. This is the point where it pays to think about long-term solutions. For example, roof repair in Oshkosh WI can be done with a budget product or the property owner can purchase a material such as fiber-cement or steel that can survive for decades.

Possible roofing replacements include the three-tab asphalt shingle, laminated shingles, copper, stamped steel, steel panels, fiber-cement tiles, clay tiles and simulated shakes. The latter product is quickly becoming popular because modern polymers allow the creation of a durable shake substitute that resembles the original. This provides the home or business owner with the beauty of cedar shakes without the problems that cedar shake brings with it.

Those folks that want a durable, long-term solution should consult with an expert such as Business Name. An experienced roofer can quickly provide information about the reliability of steel roofing or the longevity of asphalt products. Keep in mind that most products are graded, and this affects the warranty and service life. For instance, the common three-tab shingle provides a budget graded product that typically lasts fifteen years before replacement is required. Not a long time when one considers that the alternatives can last for multiple decades. Contrast this short service life with steel products that tend to last for fifty years or more and the extra cost is easily justifiable.

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