How the Roof can Prevent Storm Damage

The city of Columbus in Ohio has, in the past, experienced extreme weather condition such as storms. The hurricanes, tornadoes, and typical storms are also common in other parts of the US. These are known to cause havoc on residential and commercial properties.

In the year 2014, some people lost their lives when a thunderstorm hit Millbury, OH. The tornado wrecked more than 50 residential properties. The number is just a small fraction of the Storm Damage that has been experienced in the past.

It is paramount to ensure that one takes all the necessary precautions prior a storm. One of the major precautions is ensuring that the structure of a building and the roofing are constructed with the highest possible quality. A well-constructed roof is crucial in providing effective drainage; thereby reduce the damage on the house.

Winter storms are also as catastrophic as the other storms. The snow and the freezing rain compound the capacity of Storm Damage in winter. One of the key precaution measures to be taken during the winter snow is a good roofing system. The roofing system includes the shape of the roof, the gutters, and the pipes.

According to the most reputable roofing companies, the roof should be fastened securely to the structure of the roof. Additionally, it should be reinforced with multiple layers of water/moisture protection. The professionals also suggest other roofing tips such as:

Roofs with a mid-range slope can withstand stronger storms as compared to steep slopes.

Prefabricated trusses or engineered wood are stronger than trusses built on the site. The former can withstand stronger winds and storm.

The hurricane straps should be tied on load-bearing lumber.

The roof penetrating additions such as the attic vents should be minimized. These are easy to be blown off thereby creating a space for water entry.

The fascia can be extended to hand slightly below the underside. This is useful in a drip edge that buffers the effect of direct wind.

In conclusion, when planning to build a house, it is vital to use an accredited firm for the roofing as a precaution. Similarly, when seeking for a company to maintain the roofing one can check out.

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