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Reduce the Chance of Extensive Damages With Professionally Installed Roofing in Topeka KS

A leaking roof can result in a lot of damage, and the problem will continue to spread until the cause of the leak is found. There are several reasons why a roof may fail including storm damage, ice accumulation, age and extensive solar exposure. The latter may not make sense at first, but solar radiation causes heat and heat can damage most asphalt based roofing solutions if they receive enough exposure. Plus, the heat from the sun builds up in most attic areas, and this can also affect the shingles. The most common sign that heat is a problem is curling. The edges of the shingle curl upwards as the asphalt dries out. Excessive curling is a good indication that the structure is in need of new Roofing in Topeka KS.

There is a large assortment of roofing solutions that work well on homes Topeka in the Topeka area including stamped steel, copper, wood shake, simulated shake and several variants of composite shingles. Composites are considered the best option for any property owner that wishes to install shingles. These products begin with a fiberglass base and are covered using asphalt mixed with various proprietary fillers. Some composite shingles like the laminated versions use extra asphalt to create a strong and durable material for Roofing in Topeka KS. If steel is the roofing solution of choice, then the home or business owners have a variety of styles to choose from. Stamped steel can simulate almost any other roofing solution and typically has a service life of at least fifty years.

Some buildings use a different roofing style than the pitched roofs found on houses. Large commercial buildings and certain smaller ones are built with a low sloped roof more commonly known as a flat roof. The most common method for covering a flat roof is built up roofing or BUR. This roofing solution uses multiple layers of a water resistant membrane such as roofing felt coated with a layer of asphalt. The roof is kept snugly in place using a ballast material such as gravel. One of the benefits of BUR is easy repairs. Many minor issues on a BUR installation can be fixed with patching, and larger ones can be repaired with a new layer of roofing. Learn more about roofing solutions from expert contractors like Alpha Roofing.

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