How To Lessen Or Prevent Hail Damage To Roofs

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Roofing

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According to State Farm Insurance Company, the average cost of repairing a roof with wind or hail damage in Tennessee is over $10,000. Each year, Tennessee often winds up being one of the ten states worst hit by hail damage. Follow these tips from to help reduce or prevent hail and severe winds from damaging your roofs.

Inspect Roofs At Least Once a Year
Hail storms quickly exploit any existing weaknesses or cracks in roofs and flashing. It’s especially important to get a professional Commercial Roofer in Nashville to check flat roofs since water tends to pool on flat roofs. Also, check for bare patches, cracks and damage to the roof flashing. Business owners of flat roofed buildings need to have their roofs checked after each bad hailstorm to prevent minor damage from worsening.

Owners of slanted roofed buildings still should check their roofs after each hailstorm. Check for broken or cracked shingles, bubbling in shingles and small pools of standing water in any part of the roof or flashing.

Inspect and Trim Nearby Trees Annually
Trees add beauty and value to your property. They also provide shade and help prevent flooding. However, they also can damage your roofs if they fall over or if a limb breaks off. Hail storms batter trees as well as houses. A tree with a dead limb will soon get coated with hail and snap off, greatly damaging whatever happens to be in its path. Any trees near your home need an annual inspection to remove any dead limbs or dying trees. Trees that are more than 50% dead are in danger of toppling over during a hail storm.

Limbs or branches should never touch any part of your home. Not only can they fall on your home or roof, causing significant damage, but they also act as convenient bridges for pests like squirrels, raccoons and termites.

Clean Gutters and Spouts
Gutters and spouts help drain away water that can potentially damage your roof. They need to be kept clear of debris in order to work efficiently. Make sure spouts point water away from the foundation of the home or building. For most people, this can be a dangerous job. It’s best to schedule gutter cleanings with a Commercial Roofer in Nashville to make sure this important job is done right before another hailstorm hits. Visit us for further details.

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