Important Information to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Company for Roof Inspection and Maintenance

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Roofer

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Developing a protective roof maintenance plan is essential for the longevity of a roof. Severe chemical spillage, heavy rains and winds, heat and cold and rooftop traffic are considered the most common attacks roofs have to endure. To ensure that damages caused by these elements are caught and fixed early, it is important to ensure that a roof is inspected annually by professionals. According to roofing experts, roof inspections should be done at least two times a year, preferably during spring and autumn months. Here are important details to know before hiring an experienced Roofing Company to inspect and maintain a roof.

What happens during a roof inspection?

During a roof inspection process, a roofer from Falcon Roofing will examine the walls and glazing to ensure there no cracks or water stains from leaks. They will look at the roof to determine if it has been neglected and look for old air conditioning equipment and tree debris. The inspector will ensure that the surface of the roof is intact to provide maximum protection from the UV rays. They will look for punctures, scrapes and tears in the membrane. Most inspections will also entail examining the attic for leaks or need for decking repairs.

Why is preventative roof maintenance important?

1. Regular maintenance can help to extend the life of a roof and reduce its life cycle.
2. Failure to maintain a roof may result in early deterioration of the entire roofing system.
3. Repairs for deterioration due to lack of proper maintenance are very costly and puts properties stored inside the building at risk.
4. If deterioration is not treated early, it can result in guarantee cancellation.

What are some critical factors to consider before choosing a roofing contractor?

To choose the right roofing contractor, consider factors such as experience, education, commitment, licenses, insurance, tools and equipment, location and previous records. With the right roofing contractor, one can be sure that they will get quality roofing services at a reasonable price.

These are just some important details to know before hiring a reputable Roofing Company to inspect and maintain a roof. For more information about roof inspections and maintenance, and how to contact an experienced roofing contractor, please.

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