It Aint Broke But You Should Fix It Anyway

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Construction

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In many cases there is much truth in the old adage that if something is working OK you should leave it alone and wait until something goes wrong before you think about trying to fix it. However, the flip side of this is covered by another equally old saying – “a stitch in time saves nine”.

Preventative Maintenance Avoids Restoration

There are many items in our lives that just sit there and do nothing, they might not last to eternity, but, they will never need any maintenance. Other items seem to require a regular and permanent maintenance program. This is particularly true for items that involve movement for their functionality. Things begin to wear out when they rub or impinge against other things. Preventative maintenance aims to prolong the life of something by minimizing the rate of wear. In addition, even a perfectly maintained item can be broken by accidental damage from falls, collisions, etc.

This Should Make You Consider Garage Door Repair In Skokie Illinois

Or anywhere else for that matter and it does not matter what type you have or how big it might be. Even an old barn door has moving parts –its hinges and, maybe, counters weights running over pulleys. Regularly checking these and lubricating them will greatly extend their useful life.

Whenever and wherever we wish to park up our vehicles in well secured covered places, there obviously have to be gaps in the walls to allow ingress and egress and these gaps need to be securely closed off once we have finished driving in or driving out. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and it is not unheard of for someone to try to drive through a closed entrance. Depending upon the extent of the damage, it might require minor or even major repair work to return to full useable condition.

Apart from the accidental damage, there are the basic mechanics of how it opens and closes to be considered. Are there hinges or sliding rails? Does it swing outwards, slide sideways, roll up, or, pivot up and over? Are there springs or hydraulic/pneumatic devices to make opening and closing less arduous? On top of this, you also have to consider whether it can only be opened or closed manually, or, do you have some sort of wireless remote opening device installed? These are areas where regular maintenance will prolong life and reduce the need for major repair or replacement.

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