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by | Sep 29, 2017 | Roofing

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A home’s roof is its main defense against the elements, but it’s often the last thing the owner thinks about. Most people only buy one or two roofs in a lifetime, and making a bad decision can cause problems in many areas. With these things in mind, homeowners should consider the truths behind these common roofing myths.

It’s Always Possible to Put a New Roof Over the Old One

Building codes generally allow for re-roofing, but it’s not always the best idea. If the old shingles and other materials aren’t removed, the roofer can’t evaluate the condition of the underlying sheathing and decking. Therefore, the new roof is likely to suffer the same problems in the future. The best way to inspect this important layer is to hire a quality roofer in Franklin.

All Shingles are Created Equal

Today’s reinforced and laminated products are the result of research and industry experience. Shingles are rated for wind resistance and durability, and some manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranty coverage. Some types of shingles are intended to fight certain problems. For instance, in humid areas, roof mold can be a problem, but shingles with copper and zinc can prevent mold growth.

An Insulated Attic is Always Beneficial

Adding more insulation than required can block vents at the eaves and soffits and, in some cases, may trap moisture that rots and warps sheathing from the inside. Insulation is rated according to its thermal resistance or R-value-;the higher the value, the more effective the product. With proper ventilation, moisture buildup is eliminated and a steady attic temperature is maintained.

Gutters Don’t Affect Roof Performance

Sometimes, gutters are seen as a separate system and don’t receive the attention they deserve. However, they play an important part in keeping the home free from water damage, and improper care can create issues quickly. This is why a quality roofer in Franklin will often recommend gutter and downspout replacement during roofing installation.

Believing these misconceptions has led to costly and severe roofing damage. If a homeowner needs roof inspection or repair, they should call the experts today or visit us to schedule a no-obligation estimate.

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