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Pros and Cons of the New Gunite Pools in Long Island, NY

When installing an in-ground pool, there are a number of factors that need to be decided upon, including the material that the pool should be made of. One of the popular choices for materials is gunite. Thes New Gunite Pools in Long Island NY can be considered prestigious, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Potential Benefits of Gunite Pools

Dry gunite and water are mixed at the time of spraying to produce a wet concrete mix that’s used to cover a rebar frame, then the material is left to dry and a smooth finish is applied, resulting in a very durable pool that doesn’t require the use of a liner. Because these pools are built on site, they can be made in any shape or size and there are a wide variety of different surface materials that can be applied, making it possible to create a truly unique pool that’s optimally suited to the available space.

Potential Disadvantages

New Gunite Pools in Long Island NY can take two to three months to build and the surface may be a bit rough and scrape or irritate skin. These pools also require a bit more maintenance, including a higher use of chemicals to limit the risk of algae and more use of the filter to keep up with the removal of metals and alkaloids that leach into the water from the gunite over time. Winter weather may make it so the finish needs to be reapplied sooner, after about seven to ten years in many cases.

Potential Alternatives

Those looking for a pool that can be installed more quickly and may need less maintenance may want to opt for fiberglass pools, although these have their own pros and cons that must be considered. They only come in certain sizes and shapes, but can be installed even in small spaces and tend to require fewer chemicals and not need major repairs often.

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