Repairing Roofing in Canton, MI After a Storm

Severe storms are relatively common in Michigan, which means homeowners need to be aware of the potential for roof damage that accompanies those storms. In many cases, the damage to a home’s roof will be obvious, with shingles missing and other visible signs of weather-related issues. Homes may also experience water leaks after storms that need to be properly dealt with. If you suspect any type of storm-related damage, it’s important to contact an expert for repairs to roofing in Canton, MI.

A Thorough Evaluation is Always the First Step

Roofing experts won’t begin repairs until the extent of the damage is known. That simply means a complete inspection of the roof will be conducted to ensure the proper repair procedures are followed. When insurance companies are involved, this step will generally help to speed up the settlement process, so make sure you’re working with a contractor that’s fully aware of the steps insurance carriers require.

Repair or Replace?

When the damage to a roof is relatively minor or only includes a small portion of the roof, repairs are normally recommended rather than replacing the entire roof. Contractors are providing roofing in Canton, MI are usually able to match shingles, which makes repairs virtually invisible. If there are questions or concerns about the extent of damage and the available options, discuss the issues with the contractor before any repair work starts.

Making Tough Decisions

When the roof is heavily damaged, it will likely make more sense to replace the roof rather than attempting repairs. However, insurance coverage may not fully cover the replacement cost if the existing roof is older. At that point, reviewing the cost of replacement options will certainly be important to ensure the replacement costs are affordable. However, it’s important to use the best materials available to minimize the potential for future damage and make sure the new roof will last for many years.

If your home’s roof has suffered storm damage or is simply in need of repairs, it’s always a good idea to deal with the issue sooner rather than later to reduce the odds of water damage during the next storm that rolls through the area. For more information or to schedule an evaluation of your home’s roof, go to visit us website.

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