Services for Roofing in Southampton, PA Include Copper Roof Installations

Over time, a copper roof takes on a blue-green patina that melds nicely into the surrounding landscape. The attractive building product is not only beautiful but also offers a number of distinct advantages.

Well Worth the Investment

According to specialists in roofing in Southampton, PA, copper roofing is one of the best investments in roof materials that you can make. Yes, the initial cost may be high. However, when you look at the durability and structure of the metal, it is well worth the investment.

Some of the Advantages

Broken down, the advantages of copper metal roofing cannot be ignored.

• Copper is a beautiful metal that instantly boosts your home’s curb appeal.

• Copper roofs can last up to half a century.

• A copper roof is resistant to hail, fire, and mildew.

• The weight of a copper roof is light. Therefore, the roof does not place excess weight on your home’s framework. If you live in a location that experiences heavy snows, copper is an ideal installation.

• A metal roof is an energy-efficient roof. That is because the roof reflects light instead of allowing it to enter a home. Therefore, the addition of a copper roof will help you control your energy usage.

A Couple of Drawbacks

If you need to upgrade your current roof, you can see why copper should be considered as a material among your roofing selections. However, the metal does come with a couple drawbacks. For instance, the metal does not buffer sound as wood or asphalt do. Therefore, it is necessary to include materials that will reduce sound beneath the roof. Normally, roofers place copper over sheathing, a current shingle roof, or plywood.

Copper also has a tendency toward expansion and contraction during temperature changes. Nevertheless, regular roof inspections will ensure that the fasteners for the metal material remain intact. If you want to know more about the various roofs offered for installation, visit our website to explore your options. Investing in a copper roof, however, is one home improvement that continues to pay off for homeowners in terms of appearance, stability, and reduced energy use.

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