The Advantages and Required Maintenance of Screened Gutter Guards in Louisville KY

by | May 22, 2019 | Roofing

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Several types of gutter guards are available to cover roof drainage systems and keep organic debris out. Homeowners generally prefer screen gutter guards in Louisville KY instead of other products. They aren’t very noticeable from the ground, and they are effective at allowing rainwater in a while keeping leaves, twigs and other debris out.

Problems With Debris Accumulation

A buildup of leaves and other materials can cause blockages in the downspouts and leave rainwater standing in the gutters. The heavy weight of the water can pull the troughs away from the building and even damage those gutters. The black muck that develops as the organic matter rots away is a fertilized haven for seeds to start growing into plants right there in the troughs. Hornets and rodents are attracted to this little ecosystem that does not belong in drainage gutters.

Types of Screened Systems

Various kinds of screen Gutter Guards in Louisville KY can be installed. The holes or slots come in different sizes, and the attachment method can be a snap-on model or one that requires some hardware. Longer guards mean fewer areas of overlapping where it’s possible for evergreen needles to sneak through. The most common materials for the guards are vinyl, aluminium and galvanized steel.

Required Maintenance

A small amount of debris inevitably gets inside no matter what guard system is used, so the gutters still must be cleaned out as needed. Tiny tree seeds can get through, for example. The project can be tackled significantly less often, however, and there won’t be nearly as much to clear away. The smaller things like those little seeds tend to just wash through the downspouts instead of piling up and becoming trapped.

Another occasionally required maintenance project is to brush off the slots in the guards, as they eventually become clogged. This might only need to be done once a year.

Getting an Estimate

When homeowners call a company like Affordable Exteriors for information about the products, they can ask for the pros and cons of each material. Then they can schedule an appointment to receive an estimate. Contact us to get started.

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