What to Know If You Think You Need a New Roof

by | May 23, 2019 | Roofing

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You probably don’t think much about the roof over your head. At least not until it starts to leak. Look to the following signs to check if it’s time to shop around for a replacement roof.

Know the signs

Has the roof been there for more than 20 or 25 years? Have a pro go up to your roof and check the condition of your shingles. Are entire shingles missing? Are the remaining ones cracked? Do you keep finding granules in the gutter? Then all these signs point to one thing: you need to replace your roof-and you need to do it soon, Good Housekeeping says.

Explore your options

There are plenty of options you can go for. If you want something traditional, though, wood is one of the most enduring roofing materials around. Many roofing companies offer cedar for the wood material. However, you can also ask the company to point you towards low-cost options and compare them with your other choices.

Advantages of wood roofing

A lot of people shop for wood roofing for its appearance. It can enhance the architectural design of your home. If you want yours to have that rustic vibe, then using wood shingles for your roof is a good choice.

Installation assistance

Don’t try to take this on by yourself. Get pros for Wood Shingles Roof Installation in Oklahoma City. Experts have the tools, gear and experience to get this done on time and on budget. They’re less likely to make mistakes too so you can prevent lasting damage to your roof before it’s even in place.

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