The Message Conveyed by Metaphorical and Actual Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Doors & Windows

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The term glass ceiling is commonly used to describe an unofficial barrier to advancement within an organization or in a specific occupation. Women and people of racial and ethnic minorities tend to be most affected. In actual building construction, the glass ceiling is uncommon except for upper levels of tall buildings and for atriums. Instead, to gain a greater sense of spaciousness, building owners may choose Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA for some of the interior and exterior doors.

Whereas the concept of a glass ceiling has negative connotations, Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA convey welcoming, open qualities. In a building with many enclosed offices, sometimes a glass door is the only way for someone outside to see into those rooms. This may not technically be necessary, but it conveys the idea that there is nothing hidden going on in there. People working for the organization as well as visitors to the building appreciate that. The impression of openness may be primarily symbolic, but it’s still effective.

In fact, writers addressing the topic of metaphorical glass ceilings have occasionally used the imagery of a glass door to indicate the opposite situation. The impression given is that workers within the corporation, or the specific occupational field or industry, have the ability to advance to positions of greater power and higher salaries. In fact, they may be encouraged to do so. Actual glass doors in a building are subconsciously viewed as friendly. They are temporary barriers to entry, but it’s possible to view what is on the other side. The person can open the door and go in.

A company such as Steel Doors Inc. installs not only metal doors but glass ones as well. A combination of these doors sometimes is exactly what a building owner needs. For the exterior of a structure, a glass door can be installed outside of a metal door. The metal door can be propped open whenever the residents or workers prefer. The glass door then allows natural light to enter and visibility for people both inside and outside of the immediate area. Visit for information on this particular contractor.

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