The Practical and Decorative Impacts of New Roofing in Rochester, MN

While building a new roof on a Rochester home is technically considered a home improvement project, most people don’t look at it as improving the home. Most people look at putting on a new roof as a necessity. If the roof is leaking or requires repair after repair, a new roof is going to be necessary. However, as it pertains to Roofing in Rochester MN, there are significant ways in which new roofing materials can improve the home.


Yes, a new roof will stop leaking, and this is important from a convenience standpoint as well as the significant damage that leaking can cause if allowed to continue for an extended period. Roofing can become compromised because of leaks. Also, any building materials, such as drywall or insulation, that are exposed to a significant amount of moisture are perfect breeding grounds for dangerous mold.

Improved Aesthetics

Regarding how roofing can improve the home, stopping leaks is important, but a new roof can help make the home look better. An old and tired shingle roof that is replaced with a new shingle roof will look much better. However, with the different types of roofing materials that are available, the exterior of the home could get a significant facelift by using different types of roofing materials.


Tile roofing or something extremely fancy, such as slate roofing, can give a home an extremely different look from the exterior as well as be an efficient and durable roofing material that could last for as much as 100 years. If the homeowner wants to go with something a bit more trendy, standard metal roofing materials or painted metal roofing options abound. Not only is metal roofing extremely durable but is also has the benefit of being a very popular roofing material that could potentially change the entire look of a home.

It’s easy to think of necessity when it’s time to replace Roofing in Rochester MN, and these are things that need to be seriously considered. However, it’s also important to remember that new roof materials can significantly improve how the home looks from the outside. To learn more about what a new roof can do for your home, you may want to speak with roofing experts at Steve Gentry Construction.

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