What are Roof Vents and Why Do Carmel’s Homes and Businesses Need Them?

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Roofing

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Roof vents serve an important purpose: they allow air to move through a home’s attic. These vents are an essential part of a home, yet few owners know it. They regulate inside temperatures, reduce energy spending, and prolong a roof’s lifespan. Read on to learn more about the importance of proper roof ventilation.

Creating More Airflow

A roofing contractor in Carmel, IN may use one of several types of roof ventilation. Some are wind- or electricity-powered, and some circulate air passively. Neither system is better than the other, and a roofer’s recommendation will depend on the local climate, the home’s size, and other factors.

Protecting the Roof

Proper ventilation will prolong a roof’s lifespan by cooling its shingles. During the summer, vents allow hot air to circulate and eventually escape, preventing shingles from cracking and the roof from gradually failing.

Lower Utility Bills

Ventilation also helps Carmel’s homeowners cut energy costs. When the days get hot, everyone wants to stay cool—and a properly vented roof allows hot air to escape efficiently. The attic will stay cooler, and the air conditioner won’t have to struggle to do its job. That means savings every month!

What Kind of Problems Will Poor Ventilation Cause?

Poor roof ventilation causes numerous problems, including property damage. For instance, ice may build up, creating a dam that causes water to accumulate on the roof. During the summer, condensation may lead to wood rot, which can cause serious structural issues. If any of these problems exist, call a roofing contractor in Carmel, IN.

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