Has the Time Come for a Roof Replacement in Gig Harbor

by | Aug 21, 2022 | Roofing Companies

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In the best case scenario, a residential roof will last for decades. Even so, all sorts of events can shorten the life of a roof. Knowing when the time is right for repairs and when a total roof replacement in Gig Harbor, is necessary can be tricky. The best bet is to work with a contractor to see what needs to be done. Here are some scenarios that call for a total replacement.

Shingles All Over the Yard

The storm last night was brutal and the evidence of how bad things got is found all over the lawn. One look out the kitchen window is all it takes to confirm that there is more of the roof on the grass than on the top of the house. At this juncture, the odds are that attempting repairs will be a costly endeavor. A contractor is likely to recommend a complete roof replacement in Gig Harbor, as the more practical and less expensive route.

Mold in the Attic

In spite of some repairs to the roof, the attic remains damp. That has led to the development of more mold. Even some of the items stored in the space have begun to mildew. It could be that the older roof can no longer provide an adequate amount of protection for the home. Before the dampness begins to weaken the roof joists, the best approach is to have a contractor provide a quote for a new roof.

Putting the Home Up for Sale

Since the plan is to sell the home in a couple of years and purchase something smaller, now is the time to make the place as attractive as possible. Assuming the roof has seen better days, it would not hurt to find out how much it would take to install a new one. Along with improving the looks of the house, being able to show proof that the roof is no more than a couple of years old will go a long way toward generating interest in the property.

For anyone who is thinking about a total roof replacement, contact Hanley Construction and start looking at options. With a little time and planning, it will not be hard to find a roof that is just right for the home.

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