What to Look for When Working with Roofing Contractors in Parkville, MO

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Roofing

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Most homeowners likely know they should expect to sign detailed contracts when hiring roofing contractors in Parkville MO to complete repairs, remodels, and roof replacements. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these homeowners have a difficult time understanding those contracts.

Don’t sign anything without first taking the time to understand what it says. Before pulling out the pen, read on to find out what should be included and how to evaluate contract terms.

Project Cost

The project cost detailed in a roofing contract may differ slightly or even substantially from the initial estimate. A detailed contract should only be drawn up after the contractor has visibly assessed the property and knows how much work will be required to complete the project. Most professional Roofing Contractors in Parkville MO will divide the final estimate into material costs and labor costs. Homeowners who find this basic information is not included should clarify the amounts with their contractors prior to signing.

Projected Duration

The projected project duration laid out in a roofing contract will only be an estimate, as the actual time frame for project completion will depend on unpredictable factors such as weather and unforeseen challenges. That being said, it’s important to make sure that a projected start and completion date are included in the contract so that clients can make plans. Don’t assume that it will be 100% accurate to the day, but do ensure that estimated dates are at least available.

Warranty Information

Warranties vary substantially depending on the materials used but the majority of roofing companies do offer some kind of warranty for workmanship. Check the contract for the terms and conditions of this warranty and clarify anything that seems unclear. It’s often the case that the roofing materials themselves will be under a different warranty provided by their manufacturers, which can be a bit confusing, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Payment Terms

Few residential clients pay for their roof repairs or installations upfront, and almost no roofing companies expect them to. There will likely be an advance payment due at the time of signing but expect to pay the rest of the agreed-upon price in installments as the work progresses. Make sure that these terms are clearly laid out in the contract. Those still on the fence about who to hire can visit Website Domain to get started.

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