Why Vycon is the Leader in Wallcoverings

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Home Improvement

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Since 1965 and its inception as a J Josephson flagship product, Vycon has grown to become a premier brand of contract wallcoverings. You will find these top designed wallcoverings in all of today’s modern buildings including corporate offices, healthcare centers, education facilities and government institutions, not to mention some of the world’s leading retail and property management companies. With thousands of different options in color patterns including EcoView (a natural alternative), you are sure to find a premium option for your building, healthcare facility or home. Now through all leading J Josephson brands, clients can create a wall pattern they always dreamed of having. Unlock your full design potential today through these premier wallcoverings by J Josephson.

True Excellence around the World

These industry-leading wallcoverings are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes at the J Josephson South Hackensack New Jersey facility. Forged utilizing the highest manufacturing standards, Vycon offers world-class wallcoverings that will stand the test of time and bring years of brilliance and elegant features to any interior design look. Manufactured in only beautiful, bold colors, patterns, and several different texture levels these wall coverings can be a pillar that ties together an entire room. They always carry the latest trends and pattern styles. Backed by a leading team of design consultants and sales representatives around the world, this national network of professionals should help your business find the neo-professional and streamlined look your bold new office or corporate application deserves.

Vycon and the Environment: Eco-View Wallcoverings

Vycon is committed to producing products that are environmentally safe. For this reason, they have developed the eco-view wall coverings line. This eco-friendly line is made with 30% post-consumer recycled content and is low in VOCs. This means they meet the strict California section 01350 IAQ requirements putting them at the lead in postconsumer recycled and environmentally friendly interior design products. If you are looking for a healthier interior environment and improving the environment around all of us, surround your business office or home space with wallcoverings through the earth friendly eco-view line.

J Josephson and their extensive product lines are the leader in the wall coverings industry. They offer amazing colors and patterns to customers at the commercial and residential level, and never compromise quality. Plus, they back up each client through a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors. By striving to be more eco-friendly, Vycon demonstrates its commitment to improving premier wallcoverings brand, while ensuring that it does so in an environmentally conscious manner. If you are looking for a bold new look and quality craftsmanship that will last a lifetime, tell your local interior design and wall covering expert you want Vycon.

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