Why You Need to Hire a Roofing Company for Repairs

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Roofing Contractors

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Sometimes it’s not worth doing certain repairs yourself. For some people, anything related to the roof is one such problem. The reason is simple, if you’re not very sure footed, or if you’re afraid of heights replacing just a single shingle can be a terrifying experience with many moments of life flashing before your eyes. Even if you’re not afraid of heights it’s a good idea to know a roofing company in Ogden UT or two in your area. If you live in Ogden UT the causes of roof damage are different than if you live in other parts of the state, but the need for repair is just the same. High winds and harsh winter weather can be critical factors in our area.

A good part of the reason why roof repair is not DIY (do it yourself) territory is due to the specialized nature of roofing repairs. Cleaning your gutters and hosing the dried or stuck leaves off the roof are things a home owner can reasonably do on their won, but if you’ve ever watched actual roofers at work you realize it’s a very trained skill. Usually we’re talking about climbing up high ladders with 80 lb bags of shingles over one shoulder, and moving about the roof (a slanted sloped surface) with the ease and grace of a ballerina. And then, there’s the average (repair savvy) home-owner who is white knuckled up the ladder, sprawled out in a Spider-Man pose to keep four points of contact with the roof while trying to will the hammer to drive the nail in to put the shingle in place. Unless you’ve been doing roofing for a while it’s very hard to develop the comfort level moving up there to be of any use. Trying it on your own is likely to cause you to work nervous, and the more unnerved you are the worse you’ll be.

Now obviously, as a homeowner it’s important to know how to do as much work around the house as you have the time for because you need to save money. That’s why you probably don’t want to call a roofing company in to just check the roof because there was hail the day before. You should make sure you know what to look for to find roof damage so you’re not wasting money, but if you’re not comfortable on the roof, don’t try to do the repair yourself. It’s not worth the stress of the job and the potential injury you could do yourself. The more realistic goal is to know when to look and what to look for so you know when the roofing company needs to come in. You need to look after extreme weather. Wind can blow shingles completely off of a roof. For those of you in UT, a bad winter might lead to ice damming which can cause extreme damage to your roof. In Ogden UT, extreme wind and bad storms can cause hail and other damage to the roof. Make sure before you go up there that things have calmed down, be careful, watch your footing, and have a very good mental image of what damaged shingles look like. If you see missing or bent back shingles get out the yellow pages or the laptop and look up the local roofing companies.

Water damage? Leaks? Or just the insurance company telling you to do something about your roof? You need a great roofing company. In Ogden UT, check out SLR Roofing, they have years of specialized service in repairing and maintain all different types of roofs.

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