Casement Windows in St Paul Can Give You The View To The Outside You Want

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Home Improvement

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If you’re contemplating installation of new windows, Casement windows in St Paul are an excellent choice to make. This type of window does not have a bar in the middle of the window where the two window frames meet. They deliver a view like a picture window, but you can still open the window to enjoy the outdoor air. Casement windows can be placed in a regular window opening or you can use them for bay or bow windows. Casement windows can also include various shapes or sizes and be specifically designed for your home. If you’re concerned about safety. The windows comes with a single-lever lock handle which ensures it’s locked from top to bottom.

Windows can improve the look and value of a home. Casement Windows in St Paul can help to improve energy savings in a home. During the peak of winter or summer months, the heat and cold can increase energy costs dramatically in a home. Casement windows can prevent air exchange through gaps around the glass or window frame. Casement windows help to keep a home from being drafty during the winter months. Casement windows are easy to maintain and clean. You can clean both the outside and the inside from inside of a home. There’s no need to get on a ladder.

Another terrific feature of casement windows are they are available in such a wide variety of designs and styles. It’s highly unlikely that a homeowner will not find a casement window that won’t meet their home’s architectural style or window shape and size. Casement windows open to the outside, so it gives a homeowner the ability to catch the wind easier for better ventilation. They’re very easy to open because only one hand is needed to turn the crank instead of two. A casement window is perfect for above a kitchen sink or a hard to reach space in the home.

If your home is in need of new windows, you should check out casement windows instead of double hung windows. Their durability, craftsmanship and beauty are sure to make even the pickiest homeowner happy. You can find more information through a reputable window installation company.

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