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Things to Consider Before Skylight Installation in Fleming Island, FL

Some people love the idea of having skylights in the house. They provide a lot of natural light and a window to see the stars. Having a lot of natural light can help save on the electric bill since you won’t have to turn on the lights as much during the day. However, there are some potential drawbacks to Skylight Installation in Fleming Island FL.

Increased Heat

The problem with skylights in a location where the weather is already really warm is that these windows can increase the amount of heat in the house if a homeowner doesn’t install the right type. Skylight Installation in Fleming Island FL should be to an area of a north-facing roof to limit this, and the skylight should have a low solar heat gain coefficient. Make sure the shaft is properly insulated and air-sealed to further limit any heat gains. Venting skylights make be helpful for cooling the house as well, and they can help increase the amount of fresh air in the home.

Increased Light

Increased light is typically what people are seeking when installing skylights, especially when they’re used in rooms that would otherwise have few windows. Sometimes, a skylight can make a room too light, however, which means the homeowner might not be able to use it during the brightest part of the day on very sunny days. Having it higher on the roof or on a north-facing section of the roof can help to minimize this problem somewhat. Another option is to have shades or blinds that can be closed over the skylight during these times of the day.

Potential for Leaks

Finally, it’s possible for there to be leaks or other moisture problems with skylights. Steps can be taken during installation to minimize any potential, but as the skylight gets older, this may start to be a problem and have to be dealt with. You’ll need to take steps to limit condensation, as this can also lead to water damage in the home. Decide whether this is something you’re willing to deal with before installing skylights.

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