Consider Re-Roofing in Ann Arbor, MI, Rather Than Constant Repairs to an Old Roof

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Roofing

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When roofs fail to adequately protect the inside of homes, it may be time to consider re-roofing in Ann Arbor, MI. Re-roofing is needed when roofs are too damaged or worn out to work properly anymore. While it may seem tempting to simply have repairs done as needed on an older roof, the truth is that re-roofing will often save time and money in the long run.

Roofs may need to be replaced for a number of reasons. First, the average roof comes with a life expectancy of about ten to fifteen years. This lifespan, of course, is dependent on the materials used in the original roof and the climate in which it is located. However, most roofs will need to be replaced by the time that they are twenty years old. After a roof becomes to worn from years of use and environmental forces, it may be generally weakened and begin to degrade. Shingles or tiles may start to fall off or break easily, and leaks may be allowed to enter the home. At this point re-roofing is necessary.

It is much easier and less costly overall to replace a roof that is failing rather than trying to make numerous and constant repairs to it. While it may seem less expensive to simply make repairs, the fact is that a roof at the end of its life will need multiple, frequent repairs that will add up into quite an expense over time. Not only this, but the roof may simply be too worn out to repair correctly. While the upfront cost for re-roofing in Ann Arbor, MI may seem like a financial burden, it is often much less than the cost to perform all of the necessary repairs. In addition, a new roof will be strong and secure so that homeowners can live comfortable without the need for constant roof work.

By choosing to have an older, worn out roof replaced, homeowners make a wise investment that will save money over time. Roofs at the end of their lifespan will need frequent repair work to remain functional, and they may simply fail altogether despite repair attempts. Visit us website to find out more about starting the re-roofing process.

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