Tips for Selecting Epoxy Counter Tops

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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There are several good reasons that lounges and restaurants have shiny tables and bars. Virtually all of them use epoxy counter tops. These surfaces help to protect the counters from stains and spills. Once in place, this surface can last for several years, even in a harsh industrial environment.

If you are on the fence regarding whether or not epoxy counter tops are right for you, you may need to learn about some of the benefits. Once you understand what they have to offer, you can decide if the surface is right for your needs.

Scratch Resistant

While you may be tempted to choose affordable laminate surfaces or the rustic look of wood, this is not a smart option. This is especially true if they are being installed in an environment that gets quite a bit of use. However, epoxy counter tops are scratch resistant. You can even opt to have a protective layer of epoxy placed on your wood or laminate. This is because the material is so durable. If you are really set on real wood, make sure to choose epoxy as the protective layer. This will ensure the surface isn’t marred by scratches, marks and other blemishes.

A Sanitary Option

For bars and restaurants, or even laboratories, the surfaces have to remain clean and sanitary. Porous surfaces, such as wood may absorb bacteria, which makes it impossible to sanitize them. Epoxy, however, is a non-porous material that is easily sanitized with traditional cleaning products.

Choosing Your Epoxy Surface

Epoxy counter tops are offered in a wide array of colors and styles. This ensures you can find just what you want in regard to style and look. As a result, all you have to do is browse the options and find the color, texture and style that best meets your needs and how the surfaces are going to be used.

Laboratories, bars, restaurants and other businesses that are interested in these surfaces can contact AGR Fabricators, Inc.

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