Roofing Contractors Can Ensure Proper Ventilation

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Roofing Contractors

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Few parts of the home are as vital to roof longevity as the attic and its ventilation properties. If one has ever wondered why an attic always smells musty, it’s usually due to a lack of ventilation. There’s more than just a stale smell to worry about, however, as roof damage may not be covered under the shingle maker’s warranty if it’s due to poor ventilation. Read further to learn how a roofer can help to ensure that a home’s attic is properly ventilated.

Is There Enough Ventilation?
A roofer can accomplish proper ventilation using a variety of techniques and products. Proper ventilation is part of building codes, and it’s mandated by the NRCA and materials manufacturers. Most codes require a ventilation-to-floor space ratio of 1/150, but local requirements may vary.

Ventilating the Attic
Roofing Contractors in Milledgeville GA have many options when it comes to proper attic ventilation, and they can compare options to make the best choice for the homeowner. These options include those listed below.

*     Ridge vents, which are ventilation strips placed along the roof’s ridge line. Before installation, an inch-wide strip of decking is cut out on either side to allow air to flow through the vent.
     *     Insulation baffles and soffit vents, which are ways to allow air to flow in and out. Insulation baffles are installed where the attic floor meets the roof to prevent insulation from seeping into the soffit vents.
     *     Attic fans can be installed on the roof to draw air out. Fans may be controlled with switches or with a thermostat that detects the buildup of heat.
     *     Gable vents are installed on the gable ends. These vents are normally louvered to allow air removal while preventing moisture from getting into the home.

Other options may be installed depending on the home’s construction. A roofer can recommend mushroom vents, louvered dormers, and other methods to ventilate certain areas of the attic.
Proper ventilation is vital to many different parts of a home. The roof’s life expectancy, HVAC performance, and homeowner comfort are all affected by a home’s ventilation. Consult RoofSouth LLC for help with attic ventilation.

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