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The Advantages Of A Reproduction Reclaimed Wood Floor

Flooring, like so much else in the world of décor and architecture, follows certain trends. One of the more popular for the last few years is the installment of a reclaimed wood floor in the living room, kitchen or other living space. While it may be popular, many homeowners have looked at the trend and opted to blend the best of two worlds. They purchase something that may provide all the desirable qualities of an original but is more durable and readily available. They look for a reproduction.

Reclaimed Vs Reproduction Wood

The term “reclaimed wood” refers to any type of wood that has already served in some capacity. It could be the famed barn wood or any other type of wood used previously to make furniture, structures or even barrels. Those who promote it stress its environmental friendliness and unique characteristics as well as its versatility.

Reproduction, on the other hand, indicates the production of a type of wood in a style to mimic the original. Reproduction wood can look like barn wood or other types of pre-used wood. Like the original, it is a versatile product. To an extent, it is even more adaptable being specifically created to fulfill a purpose.

Advantages of a Reproduction Reclaimed Hardwood Floor

At Hewn Elements, we offer the highest quality in reproduction hardwood, including white oak floors – oak remains the most popular wood for flooring. We provide the ideal product to ensure your flooring will be durable and aesthetically pleasing. The advantages of reproduction wood floors include:

*    The ability to reproduce precisely the rustic look of reclaimed wood

*    A reduction in wood waste during the production method. To obtain the right length for repurposing reclaimed wood, the supplier may have to waste up to 50% of the original. With reproductions, although Hewn Elements tailors the wood to specific purposes, the figure can drop to less than 10%

   The wood does not contain any toxins including the residue of arsenic or lead paint common in many reclaimed wood

*    The products do not conceal nails or other metal components

   Come in a variety of styles to suit rustic, continental or even modern homes

One further point, a potential buyer needs to consider: delivery time. Delivery of reproduction oak flooring will be on schedule. This cannot always be said for the material required to provide your home with popular reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Reproduction Reclaimed Wood Floor

If you are considering a reclaimed hardwood floor for your home, you might want to consider other options. Why not talk to the professionals at Hewn Elements about the possibility of reproduction. By opting for a reproduction reclaimed wood floor, your home receives all the benefits of the original without the potential disadvantages that can arise.

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