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Utilizing the Space You Have for Storage Ideas in Your Bathroom

If there’s one room in your home where you could use more storage, it would be the bathroom. After all, this is often the smallest room in your home that sees a lot of traffic. With the installation of new cabinets or a remodel of the ones already in the room, you will have more space for everything from linens to toiletries. For a new bathroom design, a Wheaton contractor can offer suggestions about the best way to begin the remodeling project and how the cabinets can be arranged to achieve the maximum benefit from each one.

Wall-hanging Cabinets

When you are short on space, an option to keep in mind is cabinets that you can hang on the walls. You can hang them from the ceiling to the floor, giving you a bit more freedom with the other details in the bathroom. A benefit of hanging cabinets is that those positioned closer to the floor can also serve a multipurpose function. The top surface of the cabinet can be used as a vanity for placing commonly used toiletries and other items within easy reach.

Installing Shelves on the Wall

Another option is to install shelves beside a mirror. When assessing how much space on the wall can be utilized during your bathroom design, a Wheaton contractor may suggest installing shelves that can be pulled from the sides of the mirror or from behind another large object on a wall in the room to maximize the space available.

Adjustable Cabinet Shelves

Installing adjustable shelves inside your cabinet is another option to consider. They can be positioned in any way needed depending on what you’re storing inside. You can also place baskets inside taller cabinets for more storage space. When you’re remodeling your bathroom to include more cabinets, try to utilize as much free space as possible while maintaining a clean and stylish appearance. Consider installing cabinets in places where you might not think about, such as a small one inside the shower or underneath a window.

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