Top Tips for Selecting the Right Finishes for Your New Kitchen

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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Your kitchen remodeling in St. Augustine area is underway, and now you are trying to select just the right finish for your new kitchen. There are so many different options out there that sometimes it can get confusing and overwhelming as well. With that being said, keep on reading to see the top tips for selecting the perfect finish for your new kitchen today.

Basic Backsplashes

Backsplashes are very popular today in kitchens, not only because the colors are great, but because it makes for an easy-to-clean surface in the place that sees the most messes in your kitchen. This is the place where all dirty water and grease splashes end up, so a backsplash saves you a ton of cleaning and painting in the long run.

Countertop Comparison

The next thing you should be a perfectionist about is your countertops. Remember that your counters are the first thing that visitors are going to see when they step into your kitchen. On top of being available in gorgeous colors and materials, they are also the most functional thing in the kitchen. Countertops are where you do the majority of your prep work and put out the food for dinner when the cooking is done.

Choosing Cabinets

The cabinets you choose should match everything else in the kitchen. Although they are a centerpiece for your kitchen, you don’t want them to overshadow your floors and countertops. The best rule-of-thumb is to choose your cabinets last so that they can match everything else in your kitchen.

These are just a few tips for selecting the right finishes for your kitchen, but there are many more aspects that go into creating the perfect kitchen for you. For more information on remodeling the kitchen itself, contact the friendly people at HW Contracting today.

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